Living for Films

Oh god, do I love a good movie.

Films are one of my favourite pastimes. I just love slouching in the sofa with a good film and a handful of sunflower seeds* or popcorn. 

My favourite genre? Sci-Fi and fantasy. Blade Runner, and the Star Wars and Alien sagas are my favourites. I also love action and adventure, thrillers and mystery films. For example, Mission Impossible, The Jason Bourne Saga, The Matrix or The Silence of the Lambs. But don't worry. You'll see.

films blog jason bourne
Films blog. Saga Jason Bourne

*Salted sunflower seeds are very popular amongst youngsters in Spain. They sit on a park bench munching seeds for hours. They´re inexpensive and great as a pastime. I am no youngster anymore but still love them. Google "comiendo pipas" and go to images. You´ll see what I mean.

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